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Straight Forward Moving Reviews

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  • Awesome Movers!

    We picked this company because they had the most positive testimonials on the net. They didn't disappoint. No issues on loading or unloading. Professional and efficient and followed up after completion of the move. What else would you want from a moving company?! Outstanding service. Do yourself a favor and stop searching, these guys are the one's that you want to use to do any moves anywhere. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    victorkrast's Picture   victorkrast    0 Comments   Comments
  • Best Move Ever

    After moving last week, using Straight Forward Movers, I had to sit down and write this review as a thank you to the whole team who helped carry out my move. From my phone representative to the movers themselves, everyone at SFM did their best to make sure that I was happy. They provided me with the best customer service anyone could ask for. They made sure that I was completely organized, from beginning to end, and that everything played out according to our plans. Beyond making me happy with their service, their affordability also made me happy. If I ever need to move again, I won%u2019t... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    TiaBaker's Picture   TiaBaker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Service!

    We hired SFM for our move last week. Our representative was very helpful when I first called to make the appointment. Appointment was set up on the day we desired. The three-man crew was very prompt and very efficient in packing and moving everything. They were careful with fragile stuff, such as glasses, TV, monitors, and they wrapped all the furniture. They were fast in loading and unloading. The price is very reasonable and I definitely recommend this moving service company to everyone! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    DanielTurner's Picture   DanielTurner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Thank You SFM for a Great Service!

    This was an arrangement by phone after finding you over the internet. The moving crew was excellent, on time and very helpful. They were professional. They were also very efficient. I appreciated working with SFM and would recommend you to others. I have already recommended you to my real estate agent! Hopefully in the near future you will be hearing from us for another move. Really great job and great crew. Thank you for the awesome moving services. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ChloeKay's Picture   ChloeKay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Best Move Yet

    Thank you to SFM for taking such good care of me during my move. I admit that I was very stressed and anxious about using real movers but I had nobody to help me with this move so I had no choice. SFM made it very easy for me, gave me a good price and didn't steal or break my things. That's all I needed in a mover, nothing fancy. I recommend them to everyone because they do a great job! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ZacharyNelson's Picture   ZacharyNelson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Job

    I take my own decisions. That is why I choose which mover to manage my move by myself. I spent many hours surfing the net looking for the best match and called several companies for a quote and after getting the best offer from Straight Forward Moving to use them. As I expected, they did excellent. They arrived on time with all necessary tools and immediately began the work. They were so organized that I never felt to monitor the movers. They were very careful while packing and moving yet managed to finish the job within the deadline. I am very impressed with their professionalism. I truly... More...
    DannyMReed's Picture   DannyMReed    0 Comments   Comments
  • any STRESS AT ALL!!!

    The guys from Straight Forward were good and were great with their services they even dropped off my moving boxes when I was getting ready to pack. The team ensured that everything went smoothly on the day of the move- and they did it. The move according to me did not come out with any STRESS AT ALL!!! They even walked all thru the garden steps to and fro but there was not even one bit of complaining from any of these guys- in fact, they were all smiles and as nice as they could be to me and my pets. Again, these are the guys I look no further and schedule them NOW.I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND... More...
    jameslay's Picture   jameslay    0 Comments   Comments
  • quickly and was very careful and polite

    I recently had Straight Forward Moving move some possessions for my parents to Bolder. My parents are in their 80's and this is stressful for them, so I wanted to make sure they would be well taken care of by the movers. Christina, at the office did a great job organizing and scheduling things. And the moving crew, according to my parents, was in and out quickly and was very careful and polite. We wouldn't hesitate to use SFM again or to recommend them to friends and family. More...
    miriamsparks's Picture   miriamsparks    0 Comments   Comments
  • amazing move!!!

    I hired Straight Forward Moving to move from my two bedroom two bathroom apartment to a house in NY. I've never used movers before this experience, and was a little nervous. Mitch Green's crew arrived right on time and started loading up the truck promptly. They had the apartment completely empty within four hours, and the truck unpacked with everything in the house in eight hours total. Every item arrived in good condition; no broken dishes, glasses, etc. I couldn't have been happier with the quality and professionalism of this moving experience. I would highly recommend... More...
    jasonparr's Picture   jasonparr    0 Comments   Comments
  • i cant believe how smoothly our move went

    I can't believe how smoothly our move went. We are a military family and have traveled all over the country and never had such a great experience. Christine was so helpful in explaining how we could save money and helped us choose the best package for us. What we are most grateful for was their honest upfront pricing. The fact that we didn't have to renegotiate on the day of the move was priceless. Hassle free is little to say about our experience. Thank you Straight forward moving from our family to yours!! More...
    gordonross's Picture   gordonross    0 Comments   Comments
  • Really impressed by service and price

    Just a couple of days ago I moved to new apartment with my wife and kids. I used Straight Forward Moving because my friend recommended their name to me. I took their number from my friend and talked with their sales rep Mitch. He was very attentive and responsive to all my questions. It was good to get a great offer and it was even better when their movers executed the move perfectly and followed the checklist properly. These movers are professionals. They mean business. They never tried to do anything fancy. They just kept the basics right and kept their focus till the end. The result was... More...
  • The BEST

    I hired Straight Forward Moving and I was blown away by the professionalism and quickness with which they treated me. I hate moving, and the fact that I didn't feel that oh-so-familiar feeling of wanting to bash my head against the wall repeatedly during moving day speaks VOLUMES about this company. I had my moving day set up by a girl named Christina. Oh Christina, fair maiden of Straight Forward Moving and savior of all hard working who dread moving from one home to another. How do I thank you for all the pleasant and courteous mannerisms you bestowed upon me when I called... More...
    rmarcos's Picture   rmarcos    0 Comments   Comments
  • Super professional and friendly !

    We just moved out of a two bedroom in Boston to Atlanta and the men that showed up were on time, efficient, quick, and polite. It took them about 7 hours to load up the entire place. I had a LOT of stuff with a few pieces of large furniture and was a bit worried how they were going to manage it since my new place didn't have elevators. I was very impressed with how Jake managed to bring my HUGE TV stand/bookcase up to my floor. I had my fingers crossed the whole time. You guys did a wonderful job. Thanks!!!! Overall, we were happy that we hired movers. They were really nice and had a... More...
    sarahwilliams's Picture   sarahwilliams    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wonderful, Stress-free day !

    Straight Forward Moving was great! I just did a quick google search, actually, and they were one of the first companies to show up. So I called, made an appointment, and it was as simple as that! The crew showed up a few minutes early, and finished my move on time, which was amazing. The best part is, they were extra careful with all of my belongings, taking the time to wrap and secure every single thing. Once we got to the new place, they set everything up for me and made sure I was satisfied with where they had positioned it. What a great team! I would recommend them to anyone who is... More...
    DollieRogers's Picture   DollieRogers    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cant praise them enough!

    They were fast, efficient, unfailingly polite and good-humored even though they carried some extremely heavy boxes (books and worse, my husband's 500 records) up to a fifth-floor walk-up. I cannot praise them enough and I only hope that their backs are not completely broken after moving so many people because they really do work hard and are incredibly honest. They are the fourth set of movers that I have had in less than 3 years and they are by far the BEST. I only hope that they are still in business when I move again because I really do not want to use anyone else. More...
    AudaChouinard's Picture   AudaChouinard    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrific Moving Experience!

    Would highly recommend. First, Christina the moving representative was excellent in communications, estimating, and follow-up calls. Very pleasant to deal with, and very responsive to a range of questions. Actually priced it out for me a couple of different ways to see what would work best in my favor financially.  The crew came on time and they were all very friendly. My biggest concern was the washer and dryer because their location in both apartments was a tad hard to reach. For these guys, it was not a problem. No fuss or complaints. The moved everything very quickly and... More...
    aidab's Picture   aidab    0 Comments   Comments
  • Made My Life Easier

    This was my first experience using a moving company. Straight Forward Moving's level of professionalism, customer service and adeptness at moving my furniture with care blew me away! They were the first company to reach out to me to provide me with a quote. They were also the only mover that had a guaranteed 2 day delivery time frame. Most van lines I spoke to had 1-2 week time frames. But for just a little bit extra on my quote I was able to guarantee my delivery More...
    aidab's Picture   aidab    0 Comments   Comments
  • the guys to do the job.

    My brother moved a few months ago from Atlanta, Ga to Sand Diego, California I decided to move there as well to be closer to him and the rest of our family. I wasn%u2019t moving half as many things as he was so I was thinking about using a U-haul truck and doing everything myself but my brother insisted I use the same service as he did American Home Movers. He said that doing everything on my own would slowly kill me we were arguing because I was saying how I didn%u2019t want to use a moving company I didn%u2019t trust them but again he insisted on using them, he said it was the best move... More...
    FErdman's Picture   FErdman    0 Comments   Comments
  • I need to thank everyone at Straight Forward Moving

    I need to thank everyone at Straight Forward Moving for the wonderful job that they did. The representative went over the whole process and explained everything about the move. She explained how having an exact list of all of my items was important to keep the price the same as the estimate. The guys who showed up on moving day called to let me know they were going to be a little late, which was ok. They came out and took good care of my things and worked hard and fast to get the truck loaded. I was really worried about the delivery time as they told me it could take 3 -10 days but they had... More...
    LArtis3's Picture   LArtis3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Thanks for your care!

    Our move went remarkably well with Straight Forward Moving. On the day when the moving team came to the house for packing I had to fly to Houston to attend a meeting and there was just my wife there to monitor how the guys were working. I was sure, without my proper monitoring at this crucial stage, things will go wrong. And, of course, she kept a keen eye on them and made sure to watch everything and was extremely pleased with the service they provided. We received our belongings the day before yesterday and after going through all the boxes I found all the items are intact. They packed... More...
    SalJackson's Picture   SalJackson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great service received!

    We hired the services of Straight Forward Moving when we shifted to our new home, just a few states over from New Jersey. Their consultants handled the move well and because it was such a small move explained that our move would be in the same truck as a few other people moving to states further than us. They color coded all the boxes and furniture. It was sort of last minute also but the whole project was planned in time and we were also eligible for a few discounts because my son was serving in the US Army. Price was also very affordable. Great service received! More...
    RPhillips's Picture   RPhillips    0 Comments   Comments
  • Professional

    When using a moving company, one must be cautious these days. I do believe I found a match made in heaven when I found Straight Forward Moving. Why do I say that? They really suited my needs for the following reasons. They listened to my concerns and addressed them very well. My items were wrapped carefully and they are a full service company. I would recommend using them again. More...
    DiannaM's Picture   DiannaM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Trustworthy

    There seems to be a lot of competition out there for moving companies and reading one review may or may not make all the difference. But writing here is all I can do to express how much I trust and would recommend Straight Forward Moving. They have gained my trust for future moves.They gave me a very good price and didn't add on extra charges. More...
    TammyM's Picture   TammyM    0 Comments   Comments
  • A bumpy, but honest ride

    I just received my delivery today on time and pretty much everything was handled well except for my ottomans, which were damaged a bit in the move. There are a couple of dents and dings and scrapes and some torn cushions too. I called the sales office and they directed me to the claims department. The claim was reviewed and they were very apologetic about the damages to my antique furniture. We settled the claim pretty quickly and they sent the claim to the CSI. The movers were upfront about the damages which we really appreciated as well. Besides that, everything was smooth with the move.... More...
    Pwinks12452's Picture   Pwinks12452    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor, unethical customer service

    My purpose is not to put this company out of business, but to have them change their unethical policies that I experienced, and to warn potential customers of the questions they must ask before signing onto this company. 1. Planning for an interstate move, I was assured that the entire move would be completed by Straight Forward Moving (SFM), in their trucks. However, on the day of the move, a company called Moving Cross Country (MCC) arrived to load my contents to a warehouse in New Jersey, and a third company, All State Company, drove my shipment to my new home 25 days later . I was... More...
    jjnh's Picture   jjnh    0 Comments   Comments
  • great job guys

    I chose Straight Forward Moving because they had the great customer service and the fairest quote I've seen so far. One that wasn't too low that made me feel like I was dealing with a broker, and one that wasn't too high that made me feel like I was getting ripped off. On top of that, stored my items for over a month and were prompt in returning my stored items to me. I will of course, from now on, recommend you to my family and friends. You truly are a diamond in the rough! More...
    GeorgeSparks's Picture   GeorgeSparks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware!

    The moving company started out great, but had multiple problems after that, including: 1) movers were several hours late, 2) truck was far too small, so had to offload into storage 2x, resulting in a 10 hr pickup time, 3) poor communication from dispatch on delivery date, 4) only part of goods were delivered on date stated, and 3) LOTS Of damage to the items. I am still fighting with them to try and confirm a delivery date for the rest of my property, despite having to pay for the balance last week. Very poor communication and attitude. Oh, and the price ended up being twice what was... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    denised's Picture   denised    0 Comments   Comments
  • Straight Forward Moving-LATE AND DAMAGED GOODS

    When Straight Forward Moving picked up my household items in Bethesda, MD, they told me they would be delivered to my new apartment in Miami, FL within 14 business days of my first available delivery date. I wrote on the form that due to my condo building's rules, I cannot use the elevator to move in on weekends. They agreed and I signed the contract. When I called to inquire when my items would be arriving, the receptionist never had any clue as to when my items were being loaded on a truck or when they might arrive. When they were finally loaded, I was told they would arrive on a... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ay5895a's Picture   ay5895a    0 Comments   Comments
  • never notified when movers would arrive, but gets better.

    Never contacted to let me know when the movers where coming. Called Christina (supervisor) at the and she gave me attitude regarding the price because my needs changed. The "assigned" driver calls me at Noon and tells me he will be here in 51/2 hours. Shows up at 7:30 pm. The driver yells at me because, personally I did not want to start moving my furniture at 7:30 pm. Then when he finally arrived he had only a partial list of items to be moved. I suggested until we got this straightened out he was not to move a thing. I was also promised 3 men. Two men show up and a child... More...
    SKC830's Picture   SKC830    0 Comments   Comments

    We had to move ourselves from Maryland to Texas! They were supposed to show up "June 27th or 28th". On the 28th they changed it to the 29th. On the 29th they changed it to the 30th between 12:00 & 5:00 and gave us the truck drivers number. On the 30th we could not reach a supervisor (after requesting numerous times we were always sent to voicemail), and the truck driver said the truck broke down, he still had to go to NJ, and then would be in Maryland by 10:00 pm. (We had vacations plans to leave early morning on the 30th!) We finally reached a supervisor around 7:30 pm,... More...
    CDavison's Picture   CDavison    0 Comments   Comments

    We had to move ourselves from Maryland to Texas! They were supposed to show up "June 27th or 28th". On the 28th they changed it to the 29th. On the 29th they changed it to the 30th between 12:00 & 5:00 and gave us the truck drivers number. On the 30th we could not reach a supervisor (after requesting numerous times we were always sent to voicemail), and the truck driver said the truck broke down, he still had to go to NJ, and then would be in Maryland by 10:00 pm. (We had vacations plans to leave early morning on the 30th!) We finally reached a supervisor around 7:30 pm, and... More...
    CDavison's Picture   CDavison    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    I recently hired Straight Forward Moving do my move from South Jersey to Orlando. I was initially skeptical because of the bad rep of the industry, but i'm so glad I went with my gut. The price they quoted me wasn't lowest price, but it seemed most accurate. They explained why going by cf is more client friendly and I have to say I DO AGREE!!! My sales rep - was a nice guy, seemed very honest. Wasn't trying to tell me what I wanted to hear. Movers arrived a little late due to weather, packed my things everything went smooth with that. Delivery same thing - on time,... More...
    dleeditch's Picture   dleeditch    0 Comments   Comments

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Straight Forward Moving Comments

corneliuspokrovski says: (6 years ago)
When they say stress free moving, they are certainly not lying. The entire process from start to finish was completely professional and amazing. We did a long distance move from NJ to TX. We got really lucky as they were able to load & pack everything on one day, and then drive straight there the next so I didn't have to wait some odd amount of days for my things. The movers were personable, friendly, and efficient. I would highly recommend Straight Forward Moving. Their price was the most reasonable compared to the other quotes we received and there were absolutely no surprises. Make these movers your next!

sylviahines says: (6 years ago)
Called and spoke with Jake on and he was very helpful and detailed on the price. I called him due to the reviews I read online. A few days later I got a phone call that confirming the time for the move. They showed up on time and wasted no time in getting started. The three of them worked very fast and took great care to wrap and protect all our items. It was astonishing watching them work. Fast, friendly and efficient and in two hours the entire house was packed in the back of their truck. When they arrived at our new home they were equally impressive in the unloading making sure they put each item in the right room. They also took great care not to drag in dirt while doing it. Nothing was broken, not one item. However, one box went missing; however I could understand it since I had more than 140 boxes. My advice for future movers is to label every single box in order to avoid this kind of situations. Nobody likes the hassle of moving but this company made the move as effortless on us as possible. Despite this minor inconvenience, I highly recommend this company and will use them again in the future.

dissatisfiedjoe says: (7 years ago)
This might be the worst company in America; We were under quoted by 500 dollars. and got a big suprise when they said oh by the way we need 500 more dollars. best part about it is that the we actually had less items than we originally were quoted for. the movers showed up at 11 pm on the second day window of a work week. Moved our stuff, just about broke or damaged every piece of furniture we own. movers showed up and did claimed they didn't have any tools to reassemble our furniture. Worst experience ever. Pursuing legal action against the joke of a company.

dleeditch says: (7 years ago)
I recently hired Straight Forward Moving do my move from South Jersey to Orlando. I was initially skeptical because of the bad rep of the industry, but i'm so glad I went with my gut. The price they quoted me wasn't lowest price, but it seemed most accurate. They explained why going by cf is more client friendly and I have to say I DO AGREE!!! My sales rep - was a nice guy, seemed very honest. Wasn't trying to tell me what I wanted to hear. Movers arrived a little late due to weather, packed my things everything went smooth with that. Delivery same thing - on time, professional, made sure my wife and I were happy. Nothing broken or scratched either. I paid exactly what they told me it would cost from the get go. This is a good honest moving company. Would not hesitate to use in future.

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